Giant G2200E-3

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Fabrikat Giant
Modell G2200E-3
Årsmodell 2022
Timmar 75
Ytterligare information
Typ: Demonstration maskin
Fabrikat: Giant
Modell: G2200E-3
Årsmodell: 2022
Timmar: 75
Effekt: 12 KW (16 Hk)
Hastighet km/h: 18
Vikt (t): 2.2
Transportbredd (meter): 145000
Tillåten totalvikt (t): 2.65


Giant wheel loader
in standard equipment

Charger (on board), 230V / 40 A
Travel drive:
6.5 kW electric motor
Energy recovery
Automatic charging of the battery,
e.g. during braking
(electric motor becomes dynamo)
Hill-hold function
Start-off aid prevents
rolling backwards on a slope
Electric all-wheel drive with
cardan shaft and 12,500 N tractive force
Differential gearbox with locking effect in
both axles
Tow-mode (towing mode)
Travel drive is enabled so that the machine
machine can roll freely
Working hydraulics:
Electric motor 12 kW
35 l/min (170 bar)
Lift and tilt cylinders can be
operated simultaneously
Travel speed 3 speed levels (0-4.5
km/h, 0-12 km/h, 0-18 km/h)
(Measured with standard tires)
ROPS / FOPS folding overhead guard
Incl. safety doors (L+R)
Side mirrors
Mechanically sprung,
adjustable comfort seat
Incl. safety belt and armrest
1x hydraulic circuit (double-acting)
on the lift arm, mechanically operated
Hydraulic service brake
Working lights (LED) at the front,
on the lift arm

Tool holder: EURO
Hydraulically locked

Handbrake Drum brake
Color GIANT yellow / GIANT grey / black
Tires: 31x15.50-15 X-TRAC
Lithium-ion battery 390 Ah, 48V (375 kg)
Road traffic lights (LED)
in accordance with STVZO
2 x front work lights (LED)
on overhead guard
2 x work lights (LED) at the rear
on overhead guard
1 x hydraulic circuit (double-acting)
proportional in the joystick
and memory function on the lift arm
Free return on lift arm
Transport lock (MCO)
Mudguard extension
Data confirmation DE, 20 km/h TÜV/EBE
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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