Grimme GB 330

Dealer number NOM3074257
Pris inkl. skatt 19 % 94.605 €
Pris exkl. skatt 79.500 €
Fabrikat Grimme
Modell GB 330
Årsmodell 2021
Ytterligare information
Typ: Begagnad maskin
Fabrikat: Grimme
Modell: GB 330
Årsmodell: 2021
Vikt (t): 3.93


Grimme potato planter
3-row bed planter
EU type approval
without control terminal
ISOBUS operation via tractor or
ISOBUS capable terminal
K80 ball head from Scharmüller
Mechanically telescopic steering drawbar
with proportional valve,
including centering
and hydraulic support foot
Automatic tilting hopper
Row width 42 cm
jogger hydraulically driven
operable via terminal
row shut-off electric, 2 rows
Slope compensation of the laying elements
Attachment kit liquid dressing, 3 nozzles per row
Attachment kit for furrow treatment
2 nozzles per row
Incl.90° flat jet angle nozzles
1x in the front into the open furrow
1x at the back into the soil flow of the cover crop.
Automatic speed-dependent
control and electric boom sections.
TS 820 rear, 2 barrels incl. rinsing barrel
Pump for barrel system, hydraulically driven
with connection from block
Additional parts in furrow opener
for granulate spreading
Flow-Board XL
Furrow opener, speed plate and trapezoidal
VA former Dam forming device made of VA
Hydraul. Laying depth adjuster for Flow-Board
Short former for two surface channels
between the three rows
PE-lining for Flow-Board
and middle former
track width 1.80 m
tires 12.4x24 AS
Hydr. axle steering with centerfinding
Grimme video system consisting of
3 cameras, lighting at the cameras
7" monitor, multiplexer, cable, holder
Visual Protect
Machine license Section Control
Lighting and warning signs
Standard nameplate and sticker
Instruction manual German
Official crop protection control
Automatic translation from German without guarantee.
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